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Jennifer has an EXTENSIVE 35 year background in fitness, nutrition, wellness, and has traveled with collegiate teams doing Sports Massage. Her focus has always been to help people to grow beyond the age of 100 gracefully. As a certified personal trainer, she specializes in “specific” goals, but works with clients to focus on ancillary lifelong results as well. Jennifer also does health seminars at large forums such as hospitals and corporations. The fact that she is very well versed in Kinesiology really helps her to work with chronic muscle issues, weaknesses, and she loves to focus on helping people to build phenomenal balance as they grow older. 


Jennifer received her 600 hour Massage Therapy license in 2000. As a licensed Sports/Rehabilitative Massage Therapist, Jennifer uses her extensive knowledge in Kinesiology and nutrition to train her clients, and KEEP them healthy in the process. The Total Wave has been the foundation of her training for six years now, as it offers benefits that nothing else in the world can offer to her clients who have ranged from five years old all the way up to 95 years old.


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It is my pleasure to write this note as a reference for Jennifer Reisch.  Out team had the opportunity to be part of a training seminar where Jennifer came to talk about personal health and self-care, which has led to countless e-mails, conversations, and messages about the appreciation our team has for the information she shared.


In a world of countless health and fitness books, Jennifer brought relief to the confusing and overwhelming search for the best ways to take care of yourself.  She reviewed simple steps to make gradual changes, all of which can be done without a lot of stress.  Things like moving on the morning, standing up versus sitting down all day, adding core strengthening exercises throughout your day, and cutting out things that are harmful to your body.  Each and every point of her presentation made it clear that taking care of yourself does not need to be a challenging task, but instead small steps toward a goal of living past 100.


I would highly suggest bringing Jennifer in to talk to your teams about personal health and self-care.  Her charismatic and magnetic personality allow her to engage with attendees, while her knowledge and experience guide them to make positive choices for their health moving forward.




Sarah Vale, BS, MHI, PCMH-CCE


Cox Medical Group