Introducing the TotalWave Fitness Trainer

The New Wave in Cardio Fitness Exercise Machines

What do you need in a fitness machine?

The TotalWave Fitness Trainer is a new innovative and revolutionary fitness machine that is like no other, nor ever has been! TotalWave is the new wave in cardio fitness machines - for everyone of all ages and all fitness levels. TotalWave delivers proportional, full-body, low-impact exercise sessions, and creates an exhilarating, smooth-motion workout!


How does the TotalWave Fitness Machine work? This fitness machine is inspired by the graceful carving motion of free-spirited sports like snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding, windsurfing, kiteboarding, mountainboarding, and other board sports. These board sports all share a spirit of playfulness which TotalWave combines with functional body fitness. TotalWave Fitness Machine emphasizes cardiovascular exercise and strength training by incorporating balance, stability, coordination, core strength, and cardiovascular principles to challenge the body while moving with a fluid, gliding motion that doesn’t pound your joints.


Because the TotalWave Fitness Machine is FUN, it also exercises the mind, keeping you mentally engaged by challenging your balance and coordination with the variety of stances and orientations available, including variations related to surfing, skiing, and even slalom water/snow-skiing. The ability to adjust your position gives you the freedom to design your routines and keep your workout fresh and exciting. Consistently, turning and repositioning gives your entire body the workout you need.