Fitness Club Owners

A video from fitness clubs owners and clients about the TotalWave, their interest in this fitness exercise machine, and feedback about it.

TotalWave Workout Program

This video include fitness routines used with the TotalWave. It has a very diverse range of use. There is no wrong way to use TotalWave.

Fitness Club Users

This is what users had to say about the TotalWave. Their reaction to this fitness machine and what they really enjoy about this machine

The New Wave in Cardio Fitness Exercise Machines

Apart from its amazing health benefits, the TotalWave Fitness Machine is extremely versatile. With a footprint comparable to a treadmill, TotalWave is practically maintenance-free and uses zero electricity. The TotalWave Is a completely green, low-impact exercise machine for sale, built and manufactured in the USA.


At TotalWave Fitness, our mission is to empower the mind, body, and spirit connection with exercise! We’re passionate about giving people the opportunity for a satisfying, low-impact, and full-body workout while uplifting the spirit and confidence, a keen mind, and an electrifying feeling of freedom.