What do you need in a fitness machine?

What are your goals? Are you interested in HIIT changing your exercise routine? Getting in shape, or getting ready for a new season? Maybe simple overall body maintenance? The TotalWave Fitness system will address most of your needs when it comes to fitness exercise. The TotalWave Fitness website also discusses health and fitness on our blog, on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. The TotalWave is not meant to be a single workout program. It does give you the workout of a Treadmill, Elliptical, Exercise bike, and rowing machine in one unit. This fitness machine does something that most do not. The TotalWave Fitness machine gives you an exciting and engaging workout while working on some of the biggest "Commonly complained-about areas such as the obliques and abs (abdominal)." It was designed for a total body, and core workout while improving your balance with your exercise program.

Introducing the TotalWave Fitness Machine - the New Wave in Cardio Fitness Exercise Machines

An innovative and revolutionary fitness machine that is like no other, nor ever has been! TotalWave is the new wave in cardio fitness machines - for everyone: all ages and all fitness levels. TotalWave delivers proportional, full-body, low-impact exercise sessions, and creates an exhilarating, smooth-motion workout!

How does the TotalWave Fitness Machine work? This fitness machine is inspired by the graceful carving motion of free-spirited sports like snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding, windsurfing, kiteboarding, mountain boarding and other board sports. These board sports all share a spirit of playfulness which TotalWave combines with functional body fitness. TotalWave Fitness Machine emphasizes cardiovascular exercise and strength training by incorporating balance, stability, coordination, core strength, and cardiovascular principles to challenge the body while moving with a fluid, gliding motion that doesn’t pound your joints. Because the TotalWave Fitness Machine is FUN, it also exercises the mind, keeping you mentally engaged by challenging your balance and coordination with the variety of stances and orientations available, including variations related to surfing, Skiing , and even slalom water/snow skiing. The ability to adjust your position gives you the freedom to design your routines and keep your workout fresh and exciting. Consistently, turning and repositioning gives your entire body the workout you need.

The TotalWave is an ideal fitness machine for abs, given its gentle and engaging nature. This nature allows a person to work on this parts with little effort consistently. Few machines have been able to accomplish what this exercise machine has, with resistance, and continuous training. Most have concentrated on a number or reps or resistance, but, not both. The TotalWave gives you both and goes one step further, with consistently working on the core for elongated durations. The TotalWave addresses the upper body as well. Holding on to the cross bars allow a push, pull and lock of the arms and core. By holding these bars, the fitness machine works the triceps, biceps, forearms, lats, traps and core. The more pressure applied to locking, pushing, pulling and twisting the more difficult the workout becomes and the harder those muscles work. By locking the body, this works the feet legs, core, and upper body.

The HIIT workout comes into play by locking the body using the cross bars. By locking the body, you can force a faster and harder pace, increasing the heart rate and respiration, for short periods then go back to a casual pace, allowing the body to return to a lower state of cardio and breathing. By working all the muscles, you are getting that CrossFit exercise as well, all without having to hit the floor, jumping up and creating all types of aches and pains in the joints. Not that we do not recommend doing this, but, that we believe the body should be in a fit state before people start doing the harder cross training exercises to lower the risk of injury.

Apart from its amazing health benefits, the TotalWave Fitness Machine is extremely versatile. With a footprint comparable to a treadmill, TotalWave is practically maintenance-free and uses zero electricity. The TotalWave Is a completely green, low impact exercise machine for sale, built and manufactured in the USA.

At TotalWave Fitness, our mission is to empower the mind, body, and spirit connection with exercise! We’re passionate about giving people the opportunity for a satisfying, low-impact, and full-body workout while uplifting the spirit and confidence, a keen mind and an electrifying feeling of freedom.

Check it out! Ask your local club for a unit, or order one for your home.

Fitness machine for the Therapist and Rehabilitation

The TotalWave is designed with board sports in mind, therefore a natural carving motion of the ocean or snow. It features low-impact for the joints. The TotalWave is optimal as a fitness machine and for rehabilitation, either for the athlete or non-athlete. It allows the rider to isolate target groups by locking the body in place, allowing the user to work as hard or as little depending on their needs. This exercise machine, works tendons, ligaments, joints, muscles in a way that does not cause reoccurring trauma to the injured areas. This fitness machine is gentle and can produce long-lasting effects on health, cardio, and circulation for the users. It's simple, yet, effective when it comes to providing overall health. This machine tends to fit all the niche requirements for nearly any way of life, from fitness buff to producing a better quality of life. You can buy exercise machines online, however, rarely will they have the quality build look or feel of the TotalWave. See more here

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