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The smooth graceful carving motion of surfing is an artful and athletic expression of freedom, playfulness, confidence, and spirit.  Humankind has been inspired to adapt and apply this thrilling and adventuresome movement into a growing class of sports known as board sports.  Snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding, windsurfing, kiteboarding, mountain boarding…these sports all share a spirit of art and playfulness partnered with functional body fitness and a keen mind.  Mind, body spirit…

At TotalWave Fitness, we’re making it our mission to give people the mind, body, spirit connection they need.  It turns out that when we synthesized the motions these surfing sports share into the TotalWave Fitness System, we found that the motion is low-impact and activates the core which is sensible for the body.  TotalWave is dynamic and exhilarating which is satisfying for the mind.  TotalWave is uplifting and electrifying which is essential for the spirit.

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