Skiing for Health


Skiing for Fitness and Health

Training up for that ski season often takes some effort,  Unless you are 16 again and in optimal fitness, you will need that time to get, your muscles in shape, toned and ready to tackle the rigors of those down hill slopes, moguls and deep powder runs.  Even being 16 is no guarantee you will be ready for the Skiing season.  I remember when I was 16 ready eager and had trained the entire fall for the season to begin.  I was ambitious and my 5'6" stature wanted to run with the big dogs on 210's.  First run down the hill I was stuck in ice encrusted snow and over I went.  My entire season was blown in second with 3 spiral fractures, because I was too eager, didn't double check my bindings and wasn't aware of my surroundings.

The truth is, accidents happen, but, there are things you can do to avoid them and limit these types of things.  Additionally, snow skiing is a great way to get in top shape as its a workout that employs your entire body.  Few gym workouts can compete with such a great natural exercise. The TotalWave is one of a few dynamic machines that allows you to train you body in numerous positions on the fly, working muscles head to toe. It's initial design was specifically to train for board sports, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, skating.  It gets you ready for those more challenging sports while working on your balance.  Skiing, is the same way, the nice thing about skiing is you are out in the open, and free to move as you wish.  There is nothing like skiing fresh snow, and the piece of mind it gives you.  The TotalWave is this to gym equipment, it liberates you from the mundane and breaths a new passion into your workout routine.  It invigorates the user and is addictive. 

I am truly looking forward to skiing this next year, however, I enjoy, snow boarding and wake boarding just as much as I do skiing.  Utilizing the TotalWave Fitness Trainer will help me stay in an optimal state to tackle nearly all my athletic needs.  It's nice to know I can experience these natural sports at home or in the gym, even out of season.

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