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The TotalWave Fitness Machine is a revolutionary way to workout.  Fitness Machines have stuck to the old routines, and stayed with the staunch ways, working only one muscle group at a time. The TotalWave Fitness Machine shakes things up with a gliding motion that really engages your entire body.  It allows a person to concentrate on muscle groups that rarely see the attention they deserve. Engaging the body in activity, the TotalWave Fitness Machine simulates natural exercise where the entire body works. The TotalWave Fitness Machine does not isolate, one or two muscle groups like old school exercise machines. Working with multiple muscle groups at once trains your body to work together. In addition, the TotalWave Fitness Machine cuts workout times in half, you do not need to go from machine to machine to get the same workout.

The TotalWave Fitness Machine is constructed of thick gauge steel to ensure the machine does not rock while exercising. It has been reinforced in points where failure would normally be possible.  This machine is club grade and competes with all the big names.  Additionally, this machine has no parts to wear out.  The four wheels it uses are built to last for years and to date, we have not replaced a set.

See the links below for articles written about the TotalWave Fitness Machine.  Nearly all clubs who have had a demo have purchased.  You can always request a demo for your club and we will make the effort to make it happen.  Almost everyone who has tried this machine has found a new love for working out. It literally takes the work and replaces it with fun. Try a TotalWave today.

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