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TotalWave Fitness Machine -

Introduction to the TotalWave Fitness machine, how it acts, what it can do for you and demonstration of some of the exercise machine positions.



Fitness Club Owners

A video from fitness clubs owners and clients about the TotalWave, there interest in this fitness exercise machine and feedback about it.


Fitness Club Users-

This is what users had to say about the TotalWave. Their reaction to this fitness machine and what they really enjoy about this machine


TotalWave Fitness Machine Workout Program

These video include fitness routines used with the TotalWave. It shows some of the exercise positions what they target such as the abs, obliques, legs, arms, shoulders. Different positions for the exercise machine and the variety of ways you can use it. This Fitness Machine has a very diverse range of use.  There is no wrong way to use it.

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