The Exercise Machine to Replace Other Fitness Machines

The Exercise Machine to Replace Other Fitness Machines

Posted by Jessie Miller on Apr 30th 2017

Have you ever gotten up in the morning, thought about working out and passed? If you have, you're not alone (imagine that). Like most people, our days are full, and taking the time to perform some mind-numbing, dull, backbreaking workout simply is not ranked high on the agenda.

What is one to do? Go for a Walk? Hit the Gym? Yoga? Most exercises, while being incredibly dull, miss a lot of different muscle groups or lack cardio or some other necessary point that one should (but rarely do) work on. If you want to hit all the points such as cardio, endurance, muscle training, cross fit, balance stamina and endurance, you will usually have to do multiple different exercises. This takes time and that equates to high costs. If you figure out your limited amount of free time, or time to spend with the kids or other high value such as your hourly wage, you will find your time is valuable.

So back to the question what is one to do? Well, you can get out on a trail, do some swimming, or find a machine that does all this in one fell swoop. Factor in driving time, prep, changing your clothes, ensuring you have a pack with all the necessities, ya, not likely unless it some form of planned event. How many times a week are you going to do this?

A new machine that hit the scene back in 2012 called the TotalWave Fitness exercise machine, lays claim, that not only does it hit all the points, it is actually fun (ya right, how likely is that?) How can this be? Well according to one of the world's top water-sports athletes, Laird Hamilton it is possible. The total wave was modeled after board sports (snowboard, wakeboard, surfing, skating, skiing etc…), and is very interactive. Much like swinging was addictive for most of us this machine takes advantage of that simplistic nature, with a twist. You are not barreling down some mountain, fighting some rough road, or battling it out with water turbulence.


Why was it created

The TotalWave was created to train board sports athletes and enthusiasts during the off seasons. Most professional snowboarders, do not transition to water sports during the off-season, there is the risk of being injured, and putting their career in jeopardy. They either follow the snow or have a lot of downtime and this can affect their stamina, balance, technique and endurance, while not working on their sport. Enter the TotalWave, it virtually eliminates the need to follow the snow, or sun depending on your sport. While it can’t help with the trick techniques, it can, however, give a full body, cardio, endurance workout targeting nearly all muscle in the human machine and can be used by nearly anyone (even as post-op knee and hip replacements as it is low-impact). Bonus, it takes up the same amount of room as that treadmill, that is often used as a clothes rack.

Simple Yet effective

The TotalWave uses a deck on rollers with a U-shaped track. It creates a rocking motion that simulates board sports (or a swing, remember how much fun they have always been), with the resistance and force, unlike any other machine on the market. The TotalWave requires no, electricity and has only four moving wheels, limiting the points of failure. The deck is rigorously reinforced with tubular steel at multiple points (failure is not an option) It is built from high-quality thick gauge steel and is very rigid in design, reinforced in points most equipment might fail. It is basically a deck that glides from side to side like a snowboard, but, on rails. Who doesn’t like snowboarding motion?

The motion creates force via work, resistance, energy, etc… Third-grade science right? Absolutely, but, who knew adults would be going back to class and using such a simple yet effective piece of equipment? Toning their body, increasing their endurance, getting a cardio workout, building muscle, and developing better balance? Well obviously someone knew, his name is Robert (Bobby) Jackson, a once avid Jet Skier.

How the Total Wave came to be

Jackson was looking for a novel way to keep his endurance during the off-season while working and targeting muscles necessary for his favorite sports activities. He really enjoyed boarding and was looking to build something fun workout on. After looking for items that scratched the itch, he came up empty-handed. There were plenty of machines are the market, but, none of them met his needs. So he decided to build something that fit his needs, like time requirements, target muscle groups, cardio, the works.

Bobby and a friend tried various combinations of board types before delivering the TotalWave. One rendition had foot straps like a wakeboard. At one point the board twisted and pivoted at the foot straps, and yet another rendition the board itself twisted with spring retentions. However, this was too complicated and prone to a failure at one point. They were looking for simple yet effective. They finally decided what would give them the most gain, with the least amount of complications. The final product did not have a board that twisted, nor did it have foot straps, yet all the criteria had been met. Instead, the user is able to move their feet freely around the board, much like a surfboard or skateboard. This allowed the user to move freely and vary their exercises. The twisting board was not necessary as the body twisted as the board ramped up the sides. Bobby has some additional ideas, but, feels they are not necessary and they would only serve to change the experience not make it better.


Bobby recognized that he could not incorporate everything that modern gym components have in them today. First most gym systems have computers, however, they are limited or limited the functionality that the users need. They add complicated accessories, that had additional requirements such as power, or limited software in programming. Additionally, by adding this equipment they either needed to be upgraded, maintained, or they became antiquated pieces of equipment. Bobby believed this was troubling. I would agree as my aging NordicTrack cycle is shackled with a high-end computer, with some fancy outputs, yet, it's not functional for the times of pocket computers or anything else. It is much easier to slap on a heart rate monitor, pump it to my favorite smart device and choose the application I want to use. This makes the system much more modular then adding the ultra expensive aging devices.

Additionally, by BYOD (bring your own device) I am not using the same sweaty computer and devices the last person used. I can take the data with me and I can upgrade or change software anytime I desire. How is that for functionality? Who is not shackled to their phone these days? How often do you go to the gym and leave your phone in your bag? I bet not many!

Bobby has added a smartphone holder, a tablet holder and cup holder to his personal TotalWave Fitness Exercise equipment. It allows him much more freedom to experiment with the application of his choosing and he has his devices close should he need to use them. Maybe listen to some audio and even add a Bluetooth headset if he so desires. These holders can usually be purchased online, in a bike shop/sports shop or even your nearest superstore.

If we really wanted to get extravagant, he could pop on some 3d goggles and watch a video, YouTube, Surf video are whatever his mind could conjure up. However, the TotalWave requires a level of interactivity and usually does not need a distraction. If you get board, try going hands-free, it adds a whole new level of concentration to the game. Who needs videos (or games) when you have the TotalWave?

TotalWave Sells itself

The TotalWave was such a success that Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece chose to sponsor the machine, themselves. They made numerous videos, demoing the machine and creating workout videos for the TotalWave Fitness Exercise Machine. However, the exercise machine itself failed to take off. The machine did not reach the exposure in the  marketplace that it needed. Sales channels were set into motion, but, no one came. The failure was not due to enthusiasm, rarely did a person get on this machine and say they didn't like it. Clients and testimonials have stated that they couldn't get enough. Moreover, people recovering from accidents and surgeries have used this exercise machine for rehab and loved it.


However, the exercise machine did not get to the intended audience. We could speculate all day about what went wrong. However, we can only use lessons learned. That lesson is; we simply didn't know about this exercise machine.

The TotalWave that almost wasn’t

The TotalWave failed to see sales in the marketplace, despite good media, sponsors, and presentation. The company merged with a backer and had all the right elements for success. However, it was missing some key ingredients. The machine was basically being marketed old school, using dated sales ingenuity (door to door or rather door to fitness shop). Unfortunately, in today’s marketplace, it requires good internet marketing. A good shopping cart is also necessary to make products sell. Given the lackluster sales, the backers decided it was best to cut their losses and close up shop.

However, Bobby Jackson was not so willing to quit, giving up on his brainchild. Bobby wanted to introduce the TotalWave Fitness Machine to the world. Bobby wanted to give everyone the enjoyment of such a simple, yet, completely well rounded (pun intended) exercise machine. Jackson decided that he would buy out the shares of the defunct company, and create a new one. He designed the new company around modern marketplace sales techniques. The TotalWave Fitness Machine in 2017 is making a new appearance. It has the same great look and engineering of the original. Nothing has been changed (except the logo on the board, which changed during the second MFG with the old company).

Moving into the future

Bobby has put all the right stuff, in all the right places, to ensure that the machines sell quickly. With a small inventory on hand and working with new manufacturing partners, Bobby is working on going prime time with this machine. Bobby intends to visit large events (in person) demonstrating this wonderful machine. Jackson has stated that nearly every Athletic club that has demonstrated a unit purchased. Bobby is now utilizing multiple avenues to market the TotalWave Fitness Machine. Utilizing, online marketplaces, website at, and demonstrating the unit at live events. He wishes to ensure the world knows about this interesting exercise machine.

It is Bobby's hope that he can build enough of these to make them affordable for everyone. Additionally, he instituted a program where gym customers can make a request to their gym manager for a demonstration model. This allows more people to become acquainted with the exercise machine while perusing the online avenues as well. It is Jackson’s desire to put the fun back into fitness. What are your thoughts about this exercise machine?

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