Stress is a killer, pain in the neck

Stress is a killer, pain in the neck

Posted by Jessie Miller on May 10th 2017

Counting Calories

Stress is a Killer! We have all heard this before, have we not? Most of us have experienced it at one point in our lives or another. Typically that one thing in our lives that is out of sync with the rest of the glorious parts of our lives. OK back to reality. We all have elements in our lives that give us a little heartburn and coping with it is not always easy. There are many factors to weigh in, out mental state, our nutrition levels, our exercise level, and even social interaction.

Sometimes all we need is a good venting system or sounding board to work out our issues. We don't necessarily need feedback, but, knowing that a person is listening and responds actively helps (at least something with a pulse). However, there are elements that we can employ to help us with our daily states of mind.

This starts with proper nutrition. Our body works on cycles and proper nutrition is necessary throughout the day. We have three to five-hour cycles in which our body starts to run low on proper nutrients and energy. Eating smaller meals helps our bodies function on a more optimal level, in turn, it affects the blood to our brains and nutrients carried for the proper synaptic response. Without this, we can have mood swings, become irritable or even hostile. This is a response to the lack of getting the proper nutrients our bodies and brains need to function.

If we eat large meals, what happens, is our body kicks into overdrive to process the food consumed and again, we have less going on upstairs and signals to shutdown occur. Ever felt sleepy after eating? This is a direct response to our bodies processing larger meals. Instead, stick to lighter meals, make sure they are packed with nutrition and then snack on a carrot or apple between those smaller meals. I am sure we have all heard this anecdote before, but, I am reinforcing it here.

It's true, this brings you one step closer to mitigating how our bodies deal with stress. Get the proper nutrition to yourbody/brain and you will deal with the issue with greater ease. Now let's go one step further. Our body needs to expend energy, so you are getting the proper nutrition, although, you may not be burning it off. Our bodies will stockpile this energy, and I need not tell you where as we are all well aware of where those reserves are.

Burning energy

Burning energy is necessary to rid the body of a hole host of calories and stockpiles of the not so wanted waste products. One such waste product during the time of stress is high levels or cortisol, which has a direct impact on our fight or flight responses. If we have too much of it, we may bunch up like a ball and can experience a whole host of unwanted psychological and physiological issue, including migraines, irritability or muscle cramps, you name it. Whoever woke up one morning and said they wanted to have a cramp today? Right!

Well, exercise on a regular basis will reduce the buildup in your bloodstream (not just cortisol). It will build your coronary heart muscles and increase the blood flow to the brain. Wow, are you thinking optimally again? Proper exercise also helps to relieve stress, ward away ailment and others. Don't over do it, if you have read some of my other blogs I spoke about moderation and balance. Remember too much of a good thing can be bad.

TotalWaveFitness Exercise Machine

TotalWave Fitness Machine

My workout of choice while locked away in the house of gym is the TotalWave fitness, I get a total body workout and bust those obliques in the process (you know that pesky side fat that everyone complains about but do little to get rid of). The added benefit, I don't have to spend an hour walking to get the same calorie burning workout, and I have worked on all the muscle groups, not just one. It also acts as an HIIT Trainer, building my endurance and cardio all at once. I can go at my own pace depending on the day and it keeps my mind engaged as I am thinking about the exercise and position and not about some stressor. The TotalWave is like surfing or skiing, where you are free of your problems and the only issue is the task at hand. A bonus is that it is for all ages and requires no special skills, although you do get better as you use the machine, and learn new positions and exercises (no position or exercise is wrong if it works a body part).

When I am not confined to a building I love to go for a bike ride 1 hour can burn up to 700 calories. The same can be said for the TotalWave. But, getting out in the sun has its own benefits as you build up much needed Vit D, which is similar to photosynthesis. Our bodies need the rays, so get some and moderate that as well.

Lastly, we need sleep. This is a time for our brains and bodies to relax, we receive a chemical transmitter that keeps us from acting out our dreams and allows those muscles to mend and replenish nutrients. Without sleep, we have plenty of chemicals build up in our system (remember cortisol). We need to release and cleanse our bodies of these. Much like meditation, it puts our bodies in a release state.

Let your body do its thing it needs a break, and we all know how we love our sleep. All these things can help mitigate and even lessen stressors. Often, if we are able to deal with our problems in a clear state of mind, then we do not dwell on the issues and make that ant hill into a mountain to overcome. By maintaining our mind and body balance, life seems to get a bit better even sweeter in ways we may not notice.

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