Balance, is a way of life, not just when you walk

Balance, is a way of life, not just when you walk

Posted by Jessie Miller on May 6th 2017

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Yes, we market the TotalWave Fitness exercise machine, and yes, it can get you into shape. However, it is not the magic bullet to life. Remember the saying everything in moderation? I am sure we all have heard this said in one form or another throughout life. The reality is, its true! Imagine that? Our parents were right about something. But seriously, at some point in our lives we do realize there was some wisdom in what our elders said. It may have been science or wives tale based, however, it all leads back to the same thing. We need a bit of balance in our lives.

When it comes to health and nutrition nothing could be more spot on. Science has shown us today, that only eating veggies can have some consequences, on the other side of the spectrum only eating meat brings on another host of its own issues. Now if you are purely a carnivore or a veggie, take this with a grain of salt as too much extreme is rarely a good thing.

Proper balanced habits can truly help us get where we need to be. If you are trying to get healthy it requires a balance of proper eating habits, sleep and exercise. Of course low stress can drastically help reduce (high) cortisol levels, increase your appearance and longevity. Too much cortisol in your system has whole rash of health issues, while a little can be beneficial, although, it can build up over time.

Reports under estimate calories

A great practice I have established, (recently mind you) is counting calories.  Well that requires an explanation in itself. First there is this age old debate about, is it carbs or calories. I think we all have our own arguments in this area. I favor neither, however, while researching, recently I found a blog that had 11 points about why I was not loosing weight (the way it was written). 10 of the points basically said, regardless of your insistence that you are eating less calories, you were not.

The Article did leave a small caveat that there are some legitimate medical reason, but, they were rare and most people used them as a crutch more then it was an actual condition. That led me to wonder, is this true? I have thought I was pretty diligent about my caloric intake and eating the proper foods. I was really wondering if there may be some medical explanation for a rapid weight gain and my eating habits had not changed. I am also pretty diligent about eating less then my needed intake to maintain weight for the day. So I started counting calories the way most websites publish them. The reality was, I was eating less then 2000 calories a day I need (2500 to maintain). So, as purported I was truly not eating that many calories, leading me to believe their was some other explanation. So what gives?

Well, I wondered if there couldn't be more to the story about calories and how they were reported. So I started digging. Come to find out most companies that report their calories (even health websites), leave out the seasonings in the estimates and they under report the calories. Additionally, we tend to put on more dressing then recommended and we eat larger portions then is in the caloric intake for that food. So what I did was establish a plan to overestimate the calories.

Simple Rules

The rules were simple. If the product I ate was under 250 calories, I would add 50 calories to the total, if they were between 300 and 600 I would add 100, and if they were over 600 (which I should not be eating in the first place) I would add 200 (a full 3 course meal is typically between 500 and 800 calories, this is good to keep in mind and count everything). A McDonald's Meal is off the charts. A soda alone is over 200 calories depending on the size (drink water instead) the burgers are calculated without the sauce, so if you went for the 900 calorie burger guess what, you are taking in over 1100 calories and then add the fries of up to 300 calories. That is a grand total of 1600 caloreis for one meal and you are near your max.

The average person near their ideal weight should be taking in about 2500 for calories for men and 2000 for women a day (based on average height ratios 5'9" for men and 5'3" for women). Don't quote me on this as it has been some time since I looked this fact up and it slides according to height, muscle, weight, bone density and so forth. While I am at it, the military index is a bit better at measuring muscle to fat content then BMI. BMI only takes in consideration weight versus height and leaves no room for muscle vs fat. Neither system is a perfect predictor and they both fail to consider one aspect or the other.

So now that you have had McDonald's, this is your meal for the day, now start looking at all the fat you ate in the process. Ahhhh. OK, that was a bit extreme, but, I think you get the hint. Additionally, I reduced my portion sizes as this is another problem when people count calories and fail to factor portions into the equation. I went one step further, I ate one helping and waited 30 minutes before deciding if I was still hungry, which usually I was not.

Know when you are done

In my case, I tended to eat until my brain says I am full. It typically takes about 30 minutes for this to occur. So you can imagine, I was over eating during my meals, but I was going longer times between. This is why the old wives tale has existed, chew your food well, and slowly. It has little to do with burning calories and more to do with the stomach telling the brain that it is satiated.

Once I did this, I started loosing weight. In the first two weeks, I continued to eat, up to 2000 calories a day. At the end of a two week period I had lost 5lbs. Note, for my size according to BMI, I should be taking in 2500 calories to maintain. If I was to reduce by only 500 calories I am suppose to loose one lb a week. But in fact I average two. I am sure part of this was because I was really on average only eating 1600 calories a day due to one, portion size reduction and two to over calculating my caloric intake. Which brings us closer to 2 lbs a week.

This weight loss was not water weight or from starving myself. I was properly hydrated and I ate plenty of food. It was using a simple balanced plan. No special gimmicks or anything needed. I also purposely left exercise out of the equation. So yes it is possible to loose weight without exercise, probably more so then I did with exercise, and I will consider myself as the average. Simply reduce the caloric intake, keeping track of the calories and adding extra ones. Eating slightly smaller portion and either eating slower, or waiting thirty minutes before you decide if you are still hungry. Even if you do return for a second helping, you still counted the calories properly. However, if we want to do this in a healthy way, sleep and proper exercise are necessary as well.

Exercise for Proper Sleep

Loosing weight is not the only factor in holistic approach to health or achieving balance. We must keep in mind that sleep, allows our bodies to energize and without it, we tend to stress, cortisol level increase, and we age much faster then we should. Proper amounts of sleep and getting good rest is extremely important. However, many people have difficulty falling asleep. This is were exercise is extremely important, however, few have time to exercise appropriately. To get a full body workout three times a week, it can take up to 8 hours. First, most people go to the gym, this requires prep time (changing clothes and shoes) driving to the gym, exercising all parts of the body (2 hours in session) and then driving home, showering and putt clothes back on. Next thing you know its time for bed.

While being tired from a great workout at the gym and it helps you get a good nights sleep, you shouldn't have to do this. Having a system in your home (our plug) helps you get the the exercise you need without all that extra time spent. The TotalWave Fitness machine is a great way to work out and it not only attacks those abs, but it works on the Obliques (rarely discussed by highly disdained), most people complain about their appearance referencing those love handles. Its funny, how, people spend so much time working on their abs but, fail to work on the bulk of that spare tire the obliques. The reality is few exercises actually work on this area, most are uncomfortable, and unless you truly enjoy doing sit-ups crossing over every time it is not practical. Sit-ups also pose a risk. See some of the training episodes on our YouTube Channel to better under stand how this machine works the obliques.

Don't Over do it

I want to make a point about sit-ups and balance. I used to roll out of bed (literally) straight into knuckle pushups and transition to one handed pushups. This is a great plank exercise as well. One handed planks and pushups work the obliques. Then I would go straight into sit-ups. Well I got so good at doing sit-ups I was up to 120 per set and sets of three. This is not to toot my own horn as what came next was not so much fun. I decided to go for 140 one morning and push my max. No bueno, when I came up I felt something rip. In retrospect, it could have been worse, but, I wound up with a hernia in my groin area. So sit-ups, were scaled back to 30 per set after that day. The point is I pushed my body past its limit. I suffered the consequences of seeing what my body could tolerate. In all reality I could probably have achieved the same results with 3 sets of 30 each morning. To add insult to injury, I still had a small layer of fat over those fabulous ab muscles and it made not difference as I had made no change in my obliques. So on my sides, I still looked like I had a spare tire.

I know I have digressed a bit, but, bare with me I am about to tie this all together. I felt great in the mornings with my exercise routine and when I would get home at night from work I was tired. So much so that I would either go to the gym or fall asleep on the couch, because once I stopped moving I was out. My daughter would come wake me up and tell me to go to bed. So yes, I was getting sleep but, it was not quality.

Optimizing my time, was critical and I needed to get the proper amount of sleep in my own bed, while getting the proper amount of exercise, cardio, HIIT, obliques, strength and other. It all needed to be in a balanced way. Throw in proper dieting and counting calories correctly is absolutely necessary. Now I haven't talked about what you should eat so much as counting the calories. While that can help you loose weight monitoring what you put into your body will go a long way in improving your health as well. It is all symbiotic and everything works in balance. It hard to live to extreme in one direction or another and if you have it all working together, it just makes life easier.

Symbiotic synergy

So how does this balance, well, let consider you still eat great tasting food, just supplant those nasty carbs with a squeeze of lemon or lime which is also health and tastes great. So you body is happy, its not taking in a lot of cholesterol and your heart thanks you for it. Additionally, you mind tends to function a bit better. Now lets add in the exercise, which not only increases your blood floor to your brain, but, increases your respiration and exercises the heart, which also allows your body to process toxins and other things our of your system. Now lets add sleep, this is healthy for the mind and the rest of your body as it lets everything recharge. This allows your body to function more optimally. Now lets blend all of these together and you now have synergy, each one capitalizes from the other. So this is the one and one equal three affect. You get more out then you put into it. Don't overdo it, but, also make sure you are getting enough of each.

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