7 Rules to Achieve Weight loss and Total-Body Health

7 Rules to Achieve Weight loss and Total-Body Health

Posted by Jessie Miller on May 28th 2017

This simple plan is easy to follow not in Greek and puts the simple back into health and fitness. Too many fads try to sell you on their products, but, really is there some mystery sauce or science to health and fitness? Have you ever been motivated to get in shape just to find that it does not work? I have laid a simple plan that anyone can follow, read on!

If we perceive weight loss like a job, we have certain things that are expected of us when we go to work. We use skills and tools to accomplish our tasks in an orderly and productive fashion. We can employ skills like that in daily lives as well. In fact, most of us have, and few recognize they have established routines.

I have given up on the supplement route; they do not work by themselves. However, taken for the right reasons (not weight loss) they can greatly benefit the body, such as the desiccated beef liver.

I have seven such habits I have established to aid me in weight loss. First, if I am hungry I snack, pick small portions and do not grab a can of Pringles (ok every once in a while). I will portion out some cheese, carrots, bell peppers, or something else with a health factor to it. It is meant to bridge the gap between meal times, not be an entire meal.

A second gate I have in place is that I avoid carbs, so if its a carb load I will reduce the intake or opt for something different. This is not to say I do not have a sandwich once or twice a week. I just swerve and go around the carbs; it doesn't mean I will not plow through them.

Third, I have done the research, found out what my target calories should be for the day. Use a simple online calculator; it will help to discover what is needed to gain weight, maintain or lose weight. Regardless of who does the carb or calorie thing, both are compensated for here.

Fourth, I watch my portions. Portion sizes are where nearly everyone who counts calories and can't lose weight goes drastically off the beaten path. Ensuring I am counting portions fairly is something that can't be cheated on. The proof is in the pudding!

Fifth, I add a few calories to whatever I eat. Most calories are counted from the raw or cooked products. However, reported calories rarely compensate for added sauces or condiments, also added vegetables and other sides. So if I eat up to 200 calories, I add another 50 to the count. If I eat between 200-600 calories, I add 100 calories to the number, and I avoid anything over 600 calories. (although it's ok to indulge once in a while). This method ensures I do not go over my daily allotted intake. Also as you lose weight, it is a good idea to get a new caloric intake count.

Sixth, I exercise 15 minutes a day with a whole-body trainer. I do not need more than this as the machine I use the TotalWave; www.totalwavefitness.com, works all the muscles in the body at the same time. The TotalWave does not ignore muscle groups. So there is no need to go overboard and hit the gym for hours a week to get that full body workout. 15 minutes a day, four times a week is all that is necessary. Exercise is 30% of dieting and fitness. If a person wants to diet healthy it is crucial they have the exercise component included.

Seventh, I do not expend extra money on diet aids or food plans to lose weight. It not necessary if these simple tools are implemented. There is no need for a book to tell anyone how to do it. Just stick to the outline above, and it all seems to workout.

To recap I follow this simple plan:
1. small portioned snacks to bridge the gaps (low cal/carb snacks)
2. Avoid carbs as much as possible
3. Know my target Caloric intake for the day
4. Count portions fairly (doe not mean I can't eat two portions just count them)
5. Add a small number of calories to compensate for extras add to my food.
6. Exercise 15 minutes a day or more if you are not getting all the muscle groups.
7. I do not buy into diet fads promising miracle results.

So not that I have put this in front of you its your move. What are you doing to do with this information?

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