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For those who believe in the TotalWave, we have implemented a new affiliate program to share this feeling.  This affiliate program works in multiple ways; one way is our members can express their enthusiasm about the TotalWave Fitness Exercise Machine. Secondly, get paid for promoting our product.  Third, help the world become a better, healthier, happier place.

Our mission is to introduce this product to the world. We believe that being fit and healthy is something we should all promote. We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of proper exercise, eating right and balancing their lives (the mind, body and soul connection).

The TotalWave is an integral component of this life balance.  Many fitness routines are grueling and not a lot of fun.  We aim to change this and put a little enjoyment into everyone's exercise program.  Of course, the TotalWave as a boardsport simulator is not just for those getting into shape. The TotalWave focuses on a variety of factors; building balance, therapeutic rehabilitation, board sports training and conditioning, stamina building, cardio fitness, and others.  Few machines pack this focus into a single product. Fun is simply an added benefit!

We believe the world should enjoy such a product and add it to their daily routine.  However, we need help in accomplishing our goals.  That is where our affiliates come in; they can contribute in promoting this fitness machine, to friends, relatives, clients, associates, website visitors and even local gyms.  Our members can share on social media sites, forums, blogs, business cards, websites, e-commerce, marketplaces and others. Earn a 10% commission on the net purchase of the product (typically $290 per product sold, without coupons). Payments will be made to affiliates PayPal account 15 days after delivery.

The TotalWave Affiliate Program is a win-win-win. TotalWave Fitness benefits, our Affiliates benefits, and the customers benefit from the TotaWave Fitness Machine. This program is a synergy that few people ever see in today’s society.  We want the world to be healthy and happy, mind body and soul. The added benefit of daily exercise is less stress, clearer thinking, less aggressive tendencies, and better psycho-social outlooks. The world can take advantage of this.  However, we do not stop with just our product. We believe any exercise is important and whether they use the TotalWave Fitness Machine or they use some other exercise workout routine, we will do our part to help out. We will publish articles and content to help people to a healthier lifestyle.  We are also open to guest blogs to help promote this path.

As an affiliate, you can help us implement our strategy to making the world a better place one or many people at a time.

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TotalWave Fitness Affiliate Program







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