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  • Plyometric Training for Active Agers

    Age-related muscle loss and its associated decrements in muscle strength and function are well documented, yet there have been very few solutions unti...<img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

  • Youth Resistance Training: Programming Tips for Exercise Professionals

    Resistance training is essential for optimal growth and development in the youth population and has shown to be safe and effective (Faigenbaum et al.,...<img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

  • Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors

    Yoga has become a popular activity in the United States, with approximately 13.2% of the adult population reporting that they have practiced yoga at s...<img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

  • How to Choose the Right Yoga Teacher Training

    In 2016, Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance partnered to conduct the most recent Yoga in America Study. The study revealed that there are more people prac...<img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

  • Best Exercises for Beginning Exercisers

    As a health and exercise professional, your responsibilities include improving a client&rsquo;s movement effectiveness and efficiency, while enhancing...<img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

  • Understanding the Pain Experience to Better Assist Your Clients

    Pain is a very personal and subjective experience. Modern pain science no longer views pain as a sensation; rather, pain is viewed as an experience th...<img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

  • 5 Movements to Improve Bone and Joint Health

    Did you know that by 2020, one in two Americans over the age of 50 are expected to have or be at risk for developing osteoporosis? This, along with in...<img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

  • Carbohydrates: Why Are They So Confusing?

    Carbohydrates: Why are They So Confusing? Carbohydrates can be a source of confusion for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, many of whom believ...<img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

  • How to Balance Confidence and Ego as a Health and Exercise Professional

    The life of a health and exercise professional is motivating and rewarding. You have clients and participants paying for your time and knowledge. You ...<img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

  • Making the Leap to Managing or Owning a Fitness Business

    More than ever, today’s fitness industry is being shaped by entrepreneurs who have the vision to manage and own their own fitness businesses rather th...<img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

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